Full Moon by Mike Schultz

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Development of a frog

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    Cocaine 80s ft. Ma$E, Pusha T and The-Dream
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    Cruel Summer


Salvador Dali ~ “Feather Equilibrium",1947

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🌜BLOOD MOON AND LUNAR ECLIPSE 🌛 Energies are going to be high tonight and for the next few days, so I see this as the perfect time for clearing and appreciation to prepare ourselves for the next cycle. It’s a really great time to reflect on what you’re grateful for and the blessings in your life. Take some time to focus on yourself and treat yourself to an emotional cleanse and “letting go” process. Rid yourself of the stresses and fears that you have and surrender yourself to the flow. Release what no longer serves your well being or happiness and open yourself to life. Today I’ll be clearing out and cleansing many aspects of my life - my relationships, my environment, my emotional self, my physical body and really focusing on my conscious thoughts. I’m letting go of all grudges or negative feelings towards people that have harmed me in the past as it does no good for anyone and just leaves me feeling low. To lead a positive life, you need to manifest positive experiences within yourself. Make the most of these cosmic energies and do something tonight to make you feel good! 🌚🌝

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